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Villa 139 - 90th Street in front of Air Force Hospital - The Fifth Settlement
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iHome Real Estate Developer

(AM Group company) is an Egyptian Joint-stock company (S.A.E)

in the real estate development field in Fifth Settlement and New Cairo, the company is considered to be one of the biggest real estate developers in fifth settlement as it owns more than 50 project in New Cairo especially Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement. iHome is the only owner for its projects and signing contracts process will be by the real owner for the project without any intermediaries, sometimes iHome depends on other developers in fifth settlement to market for its properties (without any price changes), and the company doesn’t market for not owned properties except “The Loft” by “Living Yards” in the New Administrative Capital, as Living Yards is considered an AM Group Holding company. The company is newly established in 2016 but we have a real estate experience through AM Group Holding (the owner of iHome Real Estate Developer) with other real estate companies in fifth settlement. iHome is aiming to bring value to real estate industry in Egypt through advanced building techniques and technology, at iHome we provide a unique experience in which the customers are advised on the type of home that suits them from a variety of real estate selection in fifth settlement. 

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